VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag - 7 Gallon Fabric Sack with Root Window

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Made of non-woven double-layered rugged flexible fabric. This grow bag is moisture-proof breathable and anti-corrosive. Create your very own environmentally friendly home garden! Ideal for planting potatoes carrots onions and many other vegetables. Breathable side window easily opens and closes. Sturdy handles make it easy to relocate your garden.


  • 7-Gallon Planter ~ 14”x12”
  • Made of premium breathable non-woven fabric
  • Allow roots to breathe and grow healthier
  • Prevents over watering by automatically percolating excess water
  • Provides a healthy environment for root plants
  • Velcro window designed to easily check on the maturity and growth of your plant as well as easily harvest without damaging the plant
  • When not in use can be folded flat for easy storage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting - terraces small gardens balconies sunrooms and any outdoor space
  • Grow potatoes taro radishes carrots onions cucumbers eggplants peppers zucchini and many other vegetables

How to use:

  1. Place a few inches of soil at the bottom.
  2. Spread 4 to 6 seeds of your favorite vegetable evenly on top.
  3. Cover with more soil water and observe as the seeds germinate and plants grow!
  4. Continue adding soil until the plants are exposed from the top of the bag.
  5. Water regularly and irrigate to maintain the right level of moisture and nutrients.
  6. Once the vegetable is mature you can remove them directly from the bottom of the window.


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