Night Sight As Seen On TV- Night Sight Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses - 2 Pack

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Turn night into day with Night Sight?! Night Sight? is the amazing HD polarized driving glasses! See in crystal clear clarity at night even against harsh bright reflections of other car headlights! Night Sights anti-reflective coating reduces glare from other cars on the road & sharpens your view so you can see everything in front of you! The advanced polarized lenses enhance color & clarity! It's like driving in crystal clear high-definition! Night Sight's full coverage frames fit right over prescription glasses & the unique wrap-around lenses block glare from the side protecting your peripheral vision! Driving on a rainy night is difficult but with Night Sight? dark hard to see objects are bright and easy to see! With Night Sight? even traffic signs and street signs are clear and easy to read! Night Sight's comfortable stylish & durable frames are built to last! Best of all Night Sight? is unisex & one size fits all! Great for all drivers! See everything in sharp HD clarity at night! Be sure to wear Night Sight?!


  • Anti- Reflective Coating- Reduces Glare & Eye Strain
  • Optical Quality Polarized Lenses- Enhances Color & Clarity
  • Full Coverage Frames- Side Lens Reduces Glare
  • Fits Over Prescription Glasses
  • Comfortable Stylish & Durable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Unisex & One Size Fits All
  • Great for All Drivers


30 Day Warranty