Martha Stewart 40-Inch 3-Piece Stainless Steel Garden Digging Tool Set

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Martha's Lawn and Garden Set Made of Premium Quality Stainless Steel Give your lawn and garden the care it deserves with Martha Stewart's classic garden set. Made of premium quality stainless steel this essential trio of gardening tools are ideal for a variety of yard care tasks — from transplanting bulbs to digging trenches and post holes to turning and breaking up piles of compost. With rugged hardwood handles and solid steel construction you'll be able to dig all day! Martha Stewart + Snow Joe Martha Stewart has teamed up with the experts at Snow Joe to bring you the very best tools for your home yard and garden. She’s assembled the ideal collection to make your fall chores fun again - from a compact leaf blower to the perfect pressure washer; from a powerful pole chain saw to a stringless grass trimmer Hori Hori knife secateurs or garden hose. Each has been personally selected by Martha and thoroughly tested on her farm so you can be confident they’ll perform for you.


  • Digging planting transplanting shrubs turning compost and soil and digging trenches and post holes
  • Sturdy hardwood handles and solid steel construction
  • Comfortable lightweight and easy to use
  • Professional-grade garden tools


2 Year Warranty